Energy Saving Trust Grant

We've summarised the important information of this grant below.  

The typical cost for a home charge point and installation is approximately £1000.  As part of its Electric Vehicle Homecharge scheme, OLEV currently offers applicants £500 towards this cost. Energy Saving Trust will provide up to £300 further funding on top of this.

For the cost covered by OLEV you will not need to make any payment to your supplier, as they will receive this money from OLEV directly. For the costs above what OLEV cover, you will have to pay your supplier and Energy Saving Trust will then provide you with your (up to £300) reimbursement. Any remaining costs above the £500 provided by OLEV and the £300 provided by Energy Saving Trust you would need to pay for yourself.

The Energy Saving Trust require a short application form to be completed, as well as product and installation details. However, Paramount can take care of this on your behalf. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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We're fully registered, trained and approved installers of electric vehicle charging points. We can also secure you a £500 government grant via the OLEV.